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The Most Common Divorce Questions in California

The questions relating the divorce can be rather diverse: what type of the divorce to choose, what the main peculiarities of this or that divorce are, how to omit the sharp angles of the marriage dissolution and begin a new life without old arguings, how to file with the court and a various other issues that are turning in your mind here and there. For the couple, who is divorcing for the first time, we would recommend learning all the peculiarities of the divorce in especially in California. The best idea is overcome all the annoying questions in advance is to decide both with your spouse, what exactly you want and how to get it within the shortest period of time. Let’s discuss together the main and commonly used question about the divorce procedure in California.

How much do divorces cost in California?

In California, different types of the divorce cost in a various way. The fee depends on the case, the complex or easy deal, the way of the preparation of the documents, the attorney presence or absence, etc. The approximate price for the regular divorce in California is $15 000. The more money you save, the less a sum will disappear from your bank account. Your duty is to fulfill everything, according to the latest residency requirements of California and other regulations that can vary regarding the county and the individual court.

Is the Legal Separation the same as the Divorce Process?

No, it isn’t! The Legal Separation is a bit another process. It is thought to be the pre-divorce procedure. The couple is living separately until they want to terminate their marriage. The main idea is that you should not divorce legally. However, the spouses who are currently living separately have no right to marry another spouse or ask for the legal cohabitation, etc. If the spouses break this rule, they will have a Contest Divorce, and the Superior Court will grant them a fine, according to the California legislation. To the contrary,  the divorce process is a legal marriage termination, and the spouses are not the one family anymore. They have an ability to marry one more time or have legal relations without the fear to be caught by the Superior Court.

Are there any no-cost divorces in California?

Concerning the California legislation, the divorce is the same legal procedure as all other court procedures, and you should pay some fees anyway. You can choose the cheapest way to complete your marriage, you can waive your fee, you can reject to sign the documents, you can prepare your documents using the online service that is twice cheaper than the attorney’s fee, but finally, you still need to pay some money for the government for the dealing with your case.

What is better: the Printed Divorce Papers or the Paper Divorce Documents?

It is absolutely your own choice. The papers can be dealt online, so the only way to send you your paperwork is to sent them t by the email. You receive the ready papers and print them to file for the court. When your case is conducted by the attorney, you can tell him/her to do everything in a paper documents or the printed papers as well. The main goal is got when you can file with the Superior Court the accurate and correct forms, how you did it-it is your variant.

What is the difference between a Default and No-Fault Divorces?

The Default Divorce means that your spouse failed to agree with your divorce case and he/she refuses to sign the papers. The No-Fault Divorce is similar to the Uncontested Divorce, a so-called planet of happiness, where everybody agrees on everything. The Default Divorce can last longer and in a more complicated way, so the No-Fault Divorce is obviously the best one among all other types of the divorce.

How to cancel the Divorce in California?

The Superior Court is entitled to start or finish the marriage/divorce in California. If the couple changed their mind and ready to terminate the divorce process, a Family Court will grant them such a possibility according to the common legislation. The reconciliation period is granted to each couple, so ask for it with the brave intention to try one more time the common life with your spouse.

How much does it take to get a Divorce in California?

As for the situation with the fee for the divorce procedure, the divorce process term depends on the case simplicity. If the case is a complex one, the divorce process in California can take more than 1 year. Otherwise, if the case is rather simple, you will pretty easily get the divorce within a week or two weeks. The situation is questionable. The Superior Court does its best to save the family, so do not forget about the reconciliation period that can last approximately a month or two.

What to do if your spouse is far away?

 When your spouse if missed or somewhere far away, you should remember that you serve him/her with the needed documents anyway. If your spouse is missed, you should do your best to find him/her through the different searchings like newspapers, magazines, street boards, etc. The Superior Court will help you to finish your divorce case in spite of the absence of your spouse, but still, you have to make some efforts. If your spouse is currently living at another place or is in prison or at the army, the process of the divorce is the same we spoke earlier.

To sum up, we have to say, that the divorce procedure is hard, despite all the sayings that it is just a period of your life or something like that. You cannot show off that you are the king of the world and do nothing. If your troubles are so big now, you can make them tinier. Try once again to improve your life and to terminate your marriage without constant arguments, and do not forget about your own human dignity!

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