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How to file for divorce in California: The Advanced Hints in 2018

For the currently divorcing couple, it is extremely difficult to deal with such problems as how to get a divorce in California, how to file for the divorce in California, how long does it take to get divorced in California, etc. The spouses are frustrated and do not know what to do, so today we will cover the issue of the documents’ filing and the procedure of applying for the Superior Court. Hope, you are ready!

The Preparation of the Documents

First of all, you need to decide which type of the divorce you will obtain. The dissolution of marriage is usually the Uncontested Divorce, but the divorce is considered to be a Contested one. California divorce papers depend on the special court system and a county where the divorce procedure particularly takes place. The cost of the forms’ filling depends on two basic things. They are as follows:

  1. The number of papers that you are required to have
  2. The process of the paperwork dealing. It can be either with the help of the attorney or with the Online Divorce service. Everything depends on your case.
The number of the papers can vary, according to the child custody issues: the number of the children, the sum that will be paid for one child, and other important aspects. When you already made a decision of what divorce type to choose, your task is to choose a way of how to prepare your documents. There are three main means of preparation. Let’s discuss them:

  1. Online Divorce. The price for such a divorce is rather low. It can fluctuate from $139-149. As a rule, there are no hidden fees or other additional expenses within such a preparation. The team of the professionals take your request, deal with all the papers, fill them in, and send you the ready-made forms on your email. The whole procedure takes 1-2 days according to the case complicity or the urgency. The online divorce is known to be the most comfortable way to prepare your documents ever.
  2. A Do-It-Yourself Divorce. What is the simplest divorce process in California? A great number of people will say that the DIY one. Why? Because you do not pay any extra money on the mediation process or the help of the attorney, moreover, you do not pay for the preparation of the documents at all. The problematic but cheap way of the divorce proceeding makes you feel responsible for your own case. At the same time, the DIY Divorce can be rather venture, due to the fact that you are liable only for yourself, and nobody can help you at all. You should be extremely attentive not to make a huge number of mistakes.
  3. Divorce with Attorney. If you want to devote your papers to a well- experienced attorney, you need to be ready for a large price of his/her work. Preparation of the divorce papers will take from $500-600 per hour in California. The attorney will give you the additional price list of the responsibilities and services. You will not ask him/her to make any action unless you don’t pay for it. The quality of such a case a bit differs from the expectation, and you can face the troubles with the court approval in the nearest future.

The Process of Filing for Divorce

The most common steps of the California filing for divorce are the following ones: 
-    To sign the Petition for the Dissolution of marriage. The first step to begin the divorce process is to fill in this document. If you apply an Online Divorce in California, you should remember that it will significantly simplify your divorce case. 
-    To prepare your forms. The next step is to order the documents whether online or by means of the help of the lawyer. 
-    To serve your spouse with all the needed paperwork. You should do it within 20 days of signing the Petition of the marriage dissolution. 
-    To wait for the answer of your spouse. The main idea of such an activity is to finally get known, what respond you should expect from your spouse. It will influence the whole deal and will be terribly important for both of you. 
-   To get the signed papers or rejection. When the term of the waiting period is over, you have to ask for the reply of your spouse. Anyway, either you can take the filled forms or the Sheriff, but the Superior Court will see, what type of the divorce you have. The  Default on er the No-Fault one. 
-   To file with the Superior Court and wait for the hearing. Or just take the Decree and go! Everything depends on your skills and abilities to simplify the process as more as you can. 
-   To have the Mediation process. If the couple cannot get an agreement and wants to have a legal helper, the court gives them an opportunity to negotiate within the courtroom. Such a really good deal makes your couple more confident in their skills and even makes the divorce procedure smoother and easier. 
-   To get a Final Judgment. If the case that you have is a Contested one, you will definitely go to the court and have a trial process. The Contested Divorce stipulates the attorney present, but it is a rather questionable idea to pay him/her a good chunk of all your divorce fee.

The whole procedure of the California dissolution of marriage is rather simple and vivid. As you can see, the highest attention is drawn to the preparation of the documents, but there is one more interesting fact of the divorce process. The filing fee for the divorce in California.  Let’s discuss it.

The filing fee in California

The filing fee is rather clear. For the whole process, you should pay officially not less than $2000-2500. This price does not involve all the attorney fees and additional expenses. IN all the counties the price can be the same or can vary, it depends on the case. In general, all the counties and courts differ the fees for different services.

Well, as you can admit that the filing for divorce process in California is the complex that depends on various items. Be sure you are ready for such a process and do your best to make no mistakes!

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