Monday, August 20, 2018

Types of Divorce in California: The Advanced Hints in 2018

Divorce is one of the most crucial points of the modern society. We get divorced and even do not notice how many people are willing to build a happy family or to find their soulmates. Fortunately, in the USA, the divorce process is pretty easy and cheap, if we are speaking about the Uncontested Divorce. There is a generous amount of other types of the divorce that do not seem so simple at all. California divorce forms are rather hard to fill without any assistance, so there also several ways of the preparation of the documents that vary according to their cost and accessibility. The Superior Court solves all the cases and answers all the questions of how to get the divorce in California and how to file for the divorce as well. We will also give you the guidance on the divorce types in California, the main issues of the California divorce papers, steps of the divorce in California, and lots of other things so on and so forth. Let’s get started!


Types of the Divorce in California

If you are ready to make such a significant step in your life, let’s see, what the basic types of the divorce are:
  1. An Uncontested Divorce. If you looking for the easiest and the fastest way to get divorced, the Uncontested Divorce is your best solution. In California, this type of the divorce means that you are not in need to get your divorce case pretty hard. Your decision to terminate the marriage is an amicable one. Both you and your spouse are eager to complete the current annoying marriage, and both you and your spouse are likely going to terminate the marriage the sooner the better. If you ask yourself of how much is it to file for divorce in California, we can give you the clear answer- the sooner you prepare the documents, the better you get the full package of the forms and papers needed for your divorce, and as a rule, the less you will pay. The Uncontested Divorce allows you to represent yourself in the court, without any attorneys, and even there is a possibility to omit the court hearing if all your documents are approved and the Superior Court is ready to give you the Final Decree that looks like a Certificate of the Marriage Dissolution. Surely, the Uncontested Divorce is favorable if you have not got any children, or the number of your children is minor.
  2. A Contested Divorce. This type of the divorce appears when one spouse of your couple has reasons to stand for his/her rights. It happens when the child or spousal support is questionable or when the couple had already had the legal separation before the divorce procedure in California. The spouses are facing a constant misconception, and it prevents them from getting an agreement or having a California Divorce Decree earlier. In such a situation, they undoubtedly need an attorney or the mediator, who will assist them to make a right decision. Such a type of the divorce will take much time and your finances. If you are ready to pay more for your ambitions, you can try to get a Contested Divorce in California.
  3. An Online Divorce. Do you think that filing for the divorce in California without the attorney is difficult? Not at all, if you decide to apply the Online Divorce. The Online Divorce will permit you to visit the site that grants you the opportunity to fill in the papers online, pay a reasonable fee, for instance, $139-149, and get your forms that have already been completed for especially your case. The divorce papers are printable, in case you order the Online Divorce, so you download the forms from your post in a PDF-format and file with the court. This type of the divorce allows you to finish your legal relations with no efforts from your side. Almost everything is done for you, so take the papers and enjoy!
  4. A Default Divorce. When your spouse does not want to answer your Petition for the Marriage termination, you have to deal with the Default Divorce. Usually, you send him/her the serving divorce papers, but you get the rejection from the other side. The Superior Court will schedule all your next steps of the divorce, and you will definitely have the Final Decree, but it will take much time.
  5. A Legal Separation. When a couple is not willing to have a legal divorce but they still want to live separately, the legal separation will be in hand. The Court stipulates, that approximately for 1 year a couple will be living in different places or even countries, but they will remain a legally married people. Such a process is highly popular in California, due to the opportunity to have a break but not completely spoil the relations.
  6. An Annulment of the Marriage. If your marriage is annulled, it means that you have never had it before, it simply disappears. In California, such a type of the marriage termination happens when one of the spouses was not in a good state at the date of the marriage or he/she got married by a fraud, or else. It is not a quick divorce in California, that can last 10 days as for instance the Uncontested Divorce. This process can be rather complicated and requires the help of the lawyer.
  7. A Do-It-Yourself Divorce. Getting a divorce in California is a not so easy task, if you do it by yourself. The DIY Divorce provides you with an opportunity to fulfill all the duties of the attorney on your own. It is a rather controversial type of the marriage dissolution because you might forget something to fill in or you can fail to get the Superior Court approval of your ready documents, etc. You can lose your time and get nothing. However, it is risky enough to try, if you are an adventure-seeker.
To sum it up, you can realize, how many various problems and items of any type of the divorce in California, but to be honest, you are filing with the court wisely and use the additional online service to help you with the preparation of the documents, your Decree will be yours as soon as possible. Come along!


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