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How much does it cost to divorce in California

When you want to divorce, you should point out your highest attention to such things like the cost of the divorce, the type and the main rules for such a thing, the court and county peculiarities etc. The residency requirements also play an important role in the whole divorce proceeding, due to the fact that they immediately vary according to the county, the court or the couple itself. So, how much money you will spend on the divorce dealing, and what the average fee of the dissolution of marriage throughout the whole California is, we will get known right now together.

The Attorney Fee for the Divorce Process

The middle fee for the assistance of the attorney within the divorce process will cost you at least $500 per hour. If your divorce is the Contested one, and you need the consultancy of the attorney as much as it can be, it means that you will spend an arm and a leg on all the divorce issues.  In general, the attorney assistance will cost you $7000-8000. The sum is rather considerable, isn’t it? The people still believe that if you get an official support you will get a better or more profitable result ever. Well, guys, that is a lie! The attorney can also commit a wrong action or make a mistake in the preparation of the documents, etc. The human factor still exists so do not be so trustful and believe in miracles. Everything depends on the professionalism of the attorney, so be attentive in your choice and count your money twice a day!

The Do-It-Yourself Divorce Fee

If you have decided to get your divorce papers by yourself, it is a much cheaper divorce than the proceeding that requires some attorney assistance, but you should remember that this type is both risky and cheap. You pay just the Superior Court fee, omitting all the additional expenses. The reality can be rather sharp for those who still believe in their skills in the preparation of the documents without any help, from this or that side. You can spend just $3000 for the whole procedure, but it does not mean that you will do everything perfectly. The more mistakes you do, the much time and money you spend on the whole divorce structure. Such a divorce can last forever, so the case is going to be more and more complicated and a tangled one.

The Online Divorce Fee

It is the best solution for the divorce paperwork in California. This type of the divorce papers preparation will become the most favorite one all around the world, due to its plainness and the understandable approach to the deal. The Online services take the fee that is can be between $139 to 159. The trustworthy sites take your order, get the fee and start preparing your forms as fast as they can. The waiting period for such a deal can be up to 2 days. The quick service is absolutely for the convenience of their clients. Actually, the online sites providing you with the divorce online can be not good professionals at all. You can lose your time and money. However, if your friends or somebody from your circle has already used such services, they will recommend you with pleasure some companies to apply for the help. The advantage of the Online Divorce over all other ones is that you do not need to pay a lot for the service, but still you don’t. Fulfill the preparation of the documents by yourself. You kill two birds with one shot.  California Divorce laws allow all the constant residences to get an online preparation of the forms and not file with the court.

Additional expenses

During any process, we still have some overhead costs that will appear in the least convenient moment. It is absolutely normal, and we need to draw our attention to such additional expenses as:
-        Additional copies of the printable paperwork. As a rule, you have to serve your spouse with all the needed documents. There should be at least 3 copies of each document. Everybody knows, that if the situation is you can simply forget some copies or accidentally tear them apart, or else. Your duty is to prepare additional copies that of course cost money.
-       The Sheriff or the Certified E-mail Fee.  The Sheriff service fee to serve your spouse with all the needed forms and documents will cost you approximately $200. This service is a good variant of serving because you have some guarantees that your spouse will anyway receive the papers. The Certified e-mail will cost you $50 to send. It is the best choice if your spouse lives far away from your current position, and you do not have any possibility to commit a hand-delivery.
-       The expired date of your client service. If you order the online divorce documents preparation, you have to remember that your duty is to do everything in time, so if you ordered the papers and then disappeared for some time, there is a small possibility that your service date will be expired, and you will need several additional dollars to be an active user of the online service again.
-       The mediation process fee. In California, there are different rules in counties and courts. In some of them, the fee for the mediation does not exist, but other have a special cost of the mediation process and tell you about it. You should ask about the special fee in advance because it can turn an unpleasant surprise for both of you and your spouse.

Summing up our topic, we can take a note that to get a divorce in California, especially a Contested one, you should be well-prepared. You should pay attention to the main peculiarities of your county and court, count approximate total sum that you will spend on the divorce case and may choose an Uncontested Divorce to save not only your money but also your time and dignity. Be strong and believe in yourself!

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